Epoxy Resin Shower Panel Feature Wall

Application: Residential Location: Walderslade, Kent Year: 2024

Handcrafted epoxy resin shower panel feature wall & matching resin worktop

Bespoke installation of epoxy resin shower panel feature wall complete with matching vanity worktop with downstands. A full ensuite development carried out creating a modern contemporary bathroom with a difference. A unique luxury epoxy resin design shower panel and matching vanity worktop created using the colours and design style of the customers choosing.

an example of an epoxy resin shower panels feature wall in a bathroom, created by Home Statements Ltd

The Problem

Client Background:
Created for our CEO and his wife, a couple with a passion for unique home aesthetics, and the love for resin and the impact it can bring to peoples homes. Seeking to create a wow factor and statement piece to their newly built ensuite bathroom with a focus on creating a personalised, elegant space. They desired a large, seamless bespoke epoxy resin feature wall for the shower panel, with a matching  epoxy resin design vanity worktop to support the ‘his and hers’ counter top basins, downstands to conceal plumbing works, and a coordinating towel shelf. Their vision was a modern and luxurious bathroom with a unique blend of greys, whites, silver chrome enhancements, and a touch of sparkle that would catch the light from strategically placed spotlights.

To design and create a large custom, seamless, epoxy resin feature wall approx size of 3m x 2.7m, matching epoxy resin vanity worktop, downstands, and towel shelf that align with the client’s vision of a contemporary, elegant bathroom with a personalised touch.

Our Solution

Epoxy resin shower panel, feature wall and matching resin worktop

Design Concept:
The design concept focused on creating a cohesive and visually striking bathroom space by incorporating an array of greys and whites, accented with silver chrome enhancements. The stunning handcrafted epoxy resin shower panel would be custom-made to fit the back wall perfectly, with a modern, unique striking design, including subtle sparkling elements that catch and reflect light, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The epoxy resin feature wall, resin vanity worktop, downstands, and towel shelf would be meticulously handcrafted to ensure a unique and bespoke finish using a stunning ‘super gloss’ top coat that enables depth to the unique resin design.


Client Consultation:

Conducted detailed consultations to understand the preferences, colour scheme, and design expectations.
Reviewed previous epoxy resin shower panel, resin worktop, and resin splashback designs, and discussed potential design elements, ensuring the  vision aligned with the proposed concept.


Templating of the whole shower feature wall was completed to ensure a perfect fit, however due to limitations of fitting the shower panel through the doors, the feature wall was split into 2 large panels.  The worktop and downstand pieces were also created to the exact measurements required, with holes pre-cut for basin wastes. All the bespoke templates were then taken to our custom built resin workshop.

Handcrafted Production:

Our engaged skilled artisans experienced, and specialising in epoxy resin craftsmanship, handcraft each element according to the approved design.
Ensured precision in mixing, pouring, and curing the epoxy resin to achieve a flawless finish. All edges were skillfully completed within the resin design and continued, to not only give an amazing finished look to the panels, but also ensure full water resistance was achieved within the wet areas they would be installed in.


The epoxy resin feature wall, vanity worktop, downstands, and resin towel shelf were then delivered to site, and installed in place, taking necessary measures to protect their stunning super gloss finish, and all surrounding areas during installation process.

Final Touches:

Conducted a thorough inspection to ensure the bespoke elements were seamlessly integrated into the bathroom space. Removing the protective cling wrap, and applying silicone to ensure all areas are left watertight.

The result was a stunning, one-of-a-kind bathroom featuring a large, unique deisgn, bespoke epoxy resin feature wall that served as the focal point, complemented by matching vanity worktop, downstands, and a towel shelf. The array of greys, whites, and silver chrome enhancements, combined with the subtle sparkle, created a luxurious, warm, and visually captivating atmosphere. Our CEO and his wife were delighted with the personalised touch and unique design elements that transformed their ensuite bathroom into a contemporary masterpiece.

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between the client’s vision and meticulous craftsmanship in creating a bespoke epoxy resin bathroom design. The attention to detail, personalised approach, and commitment to quality resulted in a unique and visually stunning space that exceeded the client’s expectations.

See it for yourself:

Follow this link to our Youtube case study video showing this full project, showcasing each stage and the results of our epoxy resin shower panel splashback and worktop creation and installation.

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Client's Testimonial

WOW - So proud of the team, Knocked this one out the park. We wanted to fill our whole back wall of our new ensuite shower wall with a stunning large piece of art. We wanted to complement the slate effect porcelain tiles with similar colouring, so sticking with the greys, whites, but bringing some chrome and sparkle into the design that would reflect from the ceiling spotlights and large bespoke illuminated mirror that we also had installed. The photos really don't do the design justice, and urge you to watch the YouTube video to the end to get some real close up footage.

Nigel Incledon

Epoxy Resin Shower Panel Feature Wall & Resin Worktop

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