Epoxy Resin Table Resurface in Bromley

Application: Residential Location: Bromley Year: 2020

Epoxy resin table resurface in Bromley

The resurfacing of an old coffee table in a stunning epoxy resin design to match the style of the customers interior colour scheme. Handcrafted and unique epoxy resin table resurface in Bromley.

An example of an epoxy resin table resurface in Bromley, by Home Statements

The Problem

The customer had a coffee table that used to be her parents. It had sentimental value and for this reason she was looking to upcycle it so that she could continue to use this coffee table whilst not looking too out of place in her modern home and therefore came to us to complete our epoxy resin table resurface in Bromley.

Our Solution

After consultation with the customer we understood the importance of the table in her life. Whilst protecting it’s history we wanted to ensure we created a unique design that would be a statement in it’s own right. The customer was keen for us to create something in black, copper and gold, with a slight cosmic feel. The designer primed all areas before creating the unique epoxy resin design using the colours stated. It was exactly what the customer was looking for and as soon as the green light was given the scratch resistant sealer coat was applied for protection.

An example of an epoxy resin table resurface in Bromley, by Home Statements
An example of an epoxy resin table in a living room, by Home Statements

Client's Testimonial

I can't thank the Home Statements team enough, the pictures do not do this table design justice. I had this table in my loft for years and wanted to bring it back to life as it holds so many memories for me and my family, now we can once again enjoy it every day whilst admiring this piece of art.


Epoxy resin coffee table resurface

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